Eclipse/Synthetic EP

Two ambient synth/downtempo tracks written in early-mid 2022 in the UK and completed in early 2023 in Tokyo, loosely inspired by cyberpunk literature and other science fiction media.

Abyss (as Pale Star)

EP of electric guitar-led ambient music accompanied by analog synthesisers and field recordings. Recorded and produced from the UK in late 2022.

Infinite Red: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Original sound design for the first game by Mode Gone. In-game UI sounds inspired by archaic computer operating systems and 90s console games.


A Game By Its Cover Jam

Two imagined soundtracks for entries to the 2022 MY FAMICASE Exhibition, inspired by 'SHIVER' by Dan Ingram and 'S I G N A L' by Zeero. SHIVER takes cues from classic survival horror games, while S I G N A L's inspirations lie in electronic-leaning indie game scores. Created over the course of 1 month for A Game By Its Cover Jam.